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1. Could I have some information about your scope of business?

2. Would you tell me the main items you export?

3. May I have a look at your catalogue?


1. This is a copy of catalog. It will give a good idea of the products we handle.

2. Won’t you have a look at the catalogue and see what interest you?

3. That is just under our line of business.


1. We have a very strict quality controlling system which promises that goods we produced are always of the best quality.

2. You have got the quality there as well as the style.

3. How do you feel like the quality of our products?


1. Will you please let us have an idea of your price?

2. Are the prices on the list firm offers?

3. How about the price/ How much is this?


1. This is our price list.

2. We don’t give any commission in general.

3. What do you think of the payment terms?


1. Is it possible that you lower the price a bit?

2. Do you think you can possibly cut down your prices by 10%?

3. Can you bring your price down a bit? Say $20 per dozen.


1. Our price is highly competitive./ this is the lowest possible price./Our price is very reasonable.

2. Our price is competitive as compared with that in the international market.

3. To tell you the truth, we have already quoted our lowest price.


1. What’s minimum quantity of an order of your goods?

2. How many do you intend to order?

3. Would you give me an idea how much you wish to order from us?

4. When can we expect your confirmation of the order?

5. As our backlogs are increasing, please hasten the order.


1. The size of our order depends greatly on the prices.

2. Well, if your order is large enough, we are ready to reduce our price by 2 percent.

3. If you reduce your price by 5, we are going to order 1000sets.


1. Generally speaking, we can supply form stock.

2. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your order.

3. Thank you for your order of 100 dozen of the shirts. We assure you of a punctual execution of your order.


1. What about our request for the early delivery of the goods?

2. What is the earliest time when you can make delivery?

3. How long does it usually take you to make delivery?


1. I think we can meet your requirement.

2. I ‘m sorry. We can’t advance the time of delivery.

3. I’m very sorry for the delay in delivery and the inconvenience it must have caused you.


1. You may know that time of delivery is a matter of great important.

2. You know that time of delivery if very important to us. I hope you can give our request your special consideration.

3. Let’s discuss the delivery date first. You offered to deliver the goods within six months after the contract signing.


1. We shall effect shipment as soon as the goods are ready

2. We will speed up the production in order to ship your order in time.

3. If you desire earlier delivery, we can only make a partial shipment.



1. Before the formal contract is drawn up we’d like to restate the main points of the agreement.

2. We can get the contract finalized now.

3. Could you repeat the terms we’ve settled?


1. I’m very pleased that we have come to an agreement at last.

2. Let’s congratulate ourselves for the successful contract.



1. Shall we discuss the terms of payment?

2. What is your regular practice about terms of payment?

3. What are your terms of payment?


1. We’d like you to pay us by L/C.

2. We always require L/C for our exports and we pay by L/C for our imports as well.

3. We insist on full payment.


1. We hope you will accept D/P payments terms.

2. In view of this order of small quantity, we propose payment by D/P with collection through a band so as to simplify the payment procedure.

3. Payment by L/C is the safest method, but rather complicated.


1. I’m sorry. We can’t accept D/P or D/A. We insist on payment by L/C.

2. I’m afraid we must insist on our usual payment terms.

3. “Payment by installments” is not the usual practice in world trade.


1. When should we open the L/C?

2. Your L/C must reach us 30 days before the date of delivery so as to enable us to make all necessary arrangements.

3. How long should our L/C be valid?



1. As for the insurance, I have quite a lot of things which I am still not clear about.

2. May I ask you a few questions about insurance?

3. What do your insurance clauses cover?


1. You’ll understand our products better if you visit the factory.

2. I wonder if you could arrange a visit to the factory.

3. Let’s me know when you are free. We will arrange the tour for you.








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